2016 … The best of

2016 Dessert:

New York Cheesecake




Not the cheesecake from the freezer section of your local grocery store. Only the best cheesecake. The best you have ever had. Homemade or from your favorite bakery. The kind you say you only want one bite of. But end up eating the whole thing in one sitting.


Because this is how the year 2016 has gone. You think it can’t possibly go this way, or go as fast as it has gone. But it did.



2016 Cocktail:

Long Island Iced Tea




Because it is mixed with five different liquors. And the effects of this drink always sneak up on you. Like 2016. Too much. And the effects of this year will probably affect us sooner than we think.


Top Five Movies of 2016 (In no particular order):

Captain America: Civil War

-If you were looking for a blockbuster superhero movie with all the action and a great plot, this was the ticket this year.


Queen of Katwe

-This was a Disney movie but it didn’t get much press. Which was a travesty because this was a really well told story based on true events. Very heartfelt film, so have some Kleenex on hand.



-Another Disney movie. This movie was included because the cultural images were outstanding and the story was told with care. The music was excellent as well, Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame was in charge of that. And did not disappoint.



-This film is a piece of exquisite art. Beautiful film. The images, the acting, the story. All of it was so poetic, and real. One of those films that will get under your skin. And stay. The director is Barry Jenkins, please look him up. Another beautiful film from him is Medicine for Melancholy.


Hidden Figures

-This film barely made it into this year but it made it. It told the story of Katherine Johnson and a group of women who were behind the math calculations that launched the first men into the moon. The story was truly inspiring and had a stellar cast. Take the ladies in your life to the movies for this one.


Honorable mentions:

Hell or High Water-A surprisingly great film.

Deadpool-For the superhero geeks, that would be me.

Fences-Denzel Washington. Viola Davis. Enough said.

Collateral Beauty-This received some horrible reviews but check it out for yourself. Not as bad as they say.


Top Five Television Shows  of 2016 (In no particular order)


Luke Cage -Netflix

-Netflix series. Outstanding television. Good action. Terrific acting. Great pick for a binge day.



-Fox television show about the first female baseball player. Kylie Bunbury, who plays Ginny Baker, is one to watch. She is phenomenal.  The storyline flows well, tying in baseball dramatics with ease. It even pulls from reality, and how being the only woman in a profession can affect every relationship.


Lethal Weapon-FOX

-Fox television show based on the famous movie. Good, campy fun every week. High action sequences and still tackling relevant issues in our country.


This is Us – NBC

-This is a no brainer. The advertising for this show is accurate. Watch it. Bring your same Kleenex box.


Timeless – NBC

-If you liked an old show called Quantum Leap, you will love this show. It’s about a group of time travelers who are chasing a thief through important time periods in history. Great for history buffs and science fiction lovers.


Honorable mentions:

No Tomorrow – CW

-Cheesy romantic comedy but I like it.


Insecure – HBO

-Issa Rae is the creator of this show and it is so funny, so real, and so refreshing. She’s been around working hard for a while but she finally is getting the accolades she deserves.


Atlanta – FX

-Created by Donald Glover, it’s a story based on a fictional rapper in Atlanta. What is great about this show is it connects humor with some really authentic human situations without losing the viewer. A hard thing to do but this show has mastered it.



Top Five Books of 2016 (In no particular order)


Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

-This book tells the story of Cora and Caesar, two slaves who make a bid for freedom from their Georgia plantations by following the Underground Railroad. Oprah picked this book for her book club pick this year and the rest is history. Bestseller.


Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

-This book tells the story of Sam and Clementine, a newlywed couple both having just landed new jobs with kids on the way. An invitation to an old friend’s barbecue party suddenly unleashes a spiral of intrigue, lust, and betrayal. This author is a master at suspense and things not appearing as they seem.


The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

-This book is a classic young adult romance. It tells the story of Natasha and Daniel who meet, get existential, and fall in love during twelve intense hours in New York City.


The Trap by Melanie Raabe

-This book is by a German author. It tells the story of an author who becomes haunted by her sister’s death. It’s a thriller that throws in twist after twist, leaving the reader questioning everything.


The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

-Yes, the HGTV couple wrote a book this year. It tells their story of how they came to be one of America’s most revered couples and brands. Very heartfelt and inspiring story.


Honorable mentions:


I have no less than five books on my nightstand at any given time. Because I’m a writer. So I have to put some of my favorite writer people on my list. Some good ones to check out in your local bookstore. And be sure to ask for these. Because these are the ones you won’t see on the bookshelf, most likely.

Clear by Fire by Joshua Hood



Moving Forward by John Siebling



Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older



Bed of Lies by Shelly Ellis





Have a Happy New Year!!!
















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