Coffee, People, Places, Things …

Cake of the week:

Venturing outside of the cupcake arena again…this week’s cake is an old-fashioned coffee cake. I chose coffee cake because the title of my story/movie this week is People Places Things. I automatically thought of English class when I saw the name of this movie. Because people, places, things are considered what? Nouns! And coffee cake reminds me of English class because that is what I used to eat before I went to English class in high school. Crazy association maybe, but food does that to me. I’ll remember anything if the food memory was good.



Cocktail of the week:
Mudslide. Familiar coffee liqueur based cocktail. Equal parts Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, and milk. Needed a coffee cocktail to go with the coffee cake, of course.

Movie of the week:
People Place Things


First Thoughts
Another indie pick. I saw a preview for this a while back actually. I recently saw it was on Netflix and got real excited because I forgot to catch it at the theater.

Will Henry (played by Jemaine Clement) is trying to balance single parenting his young twin daughters and teaching while exploring and navigating the rich complexities of new love and letting go of his ex-wife.

3 slices of cake out of 5 – Fair
It was a short movie, only an hour and a half but it was plenty of time to tell this story. It was cute and unique. Will Henry’s life is kind of chaotic, freshly divorced, trying to parent two young girls with his ex-wife, who is engaged to the guy she cheated on Will with. And to top all that, Will trying to move on with a new love (played by the fabulous Regina Hall). But Will would draw how he was feeling about all the chaos in cartoons when he wasn’t teaching, which was probably his therapy. That was the cool part of the movie. His artwork was so unique and told his story in ways that may not have come across as clearly through dialogue. One thing I took away? Regina Hall needs to be in all things. So underappreciated.

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