Day 2..

Okay. Gotham. I was excited about it. I like Ben McKenzie. I like Jada Pinkett- Smith. I like Batman. Fabulous.

It started off fine. I knew what the story would be about; basically it’s about Gotham City, before Batman. With Bruce Wayne as a child, growing up in Gotham. Additionally, it has most of Batman’s cast of characters, Penguin, Ivy, Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon. It is rather violent. But I can be okay with that. One huge character that makes everyone else pale in her presence, Jada Pinkett- Smith as Fish Mooney, a Gotham gangster who lets no one forget she is the boss, especially Penguin. She will have a hate relationship with Gordon, I pretty much know. But she is electric; Fish and her bat are fierce. If it wasn’t for her, I really don’t know whether I would continue watching. But that’s Jada. Love her. The relationship between Fish and Gordon will be interesting to watch because I see something there that might not be hate. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. The other thing that I saw about the episode was that Gordon has a fiancé, and I don’t see how long that will be the case. And I don’t like her, I think something is up with her, we will see.

I will continue watching. It wasn’t really what I expected. This show will definitely not be about Batman though. This is strictly Gordon driven. Which is okay. But that makes it more like just another cop show, in my opinion. I am willing to see where this goes, for at least the next couple of episodes at least.
What did you think?

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