Day 3 and 4…

ABC's "Black-ish" - Season One

I haven’t written anything since Monday mainly because there wasn’t much worth reviewing. On Tuesday, I watched Sons of Anarchy as usual. And it was excellent, but I want to save the reviewing for the new shows, for the time being anyway.

The new show I did entertain on Tuesday was NCIS: New Orleans. And by entertain, I mean I watched as much as I could, which was thirty minutes. It would be a nope. It will not be added to my weekly rotation. I like the actors, Scott Bakula, CCH Pounder and Lucas Black, but it was the same formula as all the other NCIS shows. Which is fine. But I need more for it to get added to my VIP TV list. I will try to catch it on the fly, when there is nothing else on TV, when I want to watch TV instead of read. It may not ever get watched again, huh?

On Wednesday, I watched Black-ish on ABC (I watched Mysteries of Laura last week, so I did not watch it this week but I will review that one later, it is a goodie). First off, let me say the show before it is Modern Family and for Black-ish to follow it, is genius! I could not picture it going anywhere else, really. It is about an African American family, The Johnsons, headed by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross (yay!), their four kids and his father. They all live in the same house, in a white suburban, upper class neighborhood. The show is narrated by Dre (Anthony Anderson), in a Malcolm In The Middle style. It is a show basically about an African American family and their struggles to maintain their cultural identity, while living in and around an environment that is so far from it. The writing is smart, honest, and funny. And the actors do a good job of getting the audience to understand some of the emotions that go along with trying to be accepted in a different culture and still keep their own culture. I am looking forward to the different storylines that this type of comedy will delve into, because there are sooo many to choose from. I applaud ABC for actually giving this show a shot to air. I think they will be happy they did.

Next stop, Shondaland Thursday!!! Can’t wait!

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