Day 5! Shondaland Thursday


Short post today, still got a Shonda-hangover. And I only had two cocktails. I had forgotten about Thursday nights, really. All that twisting my head and screaming at the TV is taxing, woo.

The Main Draw. How to Get Away With Murder (Scandal was also great, not as great as it has been in the past but it was still good). I was scared before it even premiered because I know how Ms. Rhimes likes to keep us guessing, throwing us for several loops. So I assumed that Mrs. Annalise Keating (played by the exquisite Viola Davis, love her) would be nothing like how she was portrayed in the advertisements. And I was right. She is…interesting. To say the least. She is a criminal defense professor, and also a criminal lawyer. She picks five students from her college course to help her with a criminal investigation at her firm. I have to admit, since this is supposed to be heavily based on these students in law school, I was struggling to keep up with most of the show. Enough to say I would have probably dropped out of law school, if it was anywhere close to what they were going through. Ugh. Of course, there are several twists in this plot. It wouldn’t be a Shonda Rhimes show if it wasn’t. The whole episode the students are helping her firm work on an ongoing criminal trial. One of the students walks in on Mrs. Keating at the firm with her boyfriend. No big deal, right? Mrs. Keating is married, big deal. She addresses it with the student, which is awkward and even hints that she might be flirting with the student, what the what?! AND, Mrs. Keating wins the case for her client by calling her boyfriend (who is a detective) on the stand, questioning him and getting him to admit to an error in the investigation. This. Woman. Here. In the meanwhile, while this trial is going on for most of the episode, the university they all attend is also in the mist of looking for a dead woman on campus, who they think has been murdered. There are flashbacks throughout the whole hour of the students at the end of the semester, trying to get rid of a dead body. The episode makes you think, at the end of the episode, that this woman will be the dead body they are trying to bury. Wrong! The dead body is Mrs. Keating’s husband! Too much! So good! I feel like there are so many layers to Mrs. Annalise Keating that are going to be revealed and Viola Davis does a fantastic job communicating that. Well done, Shonda Rhimes well done.

Until next time!

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