Fall Newbies Week 2…



This week’s list will be really short because there aren’t as many new show premieres this week. My two picks are Selfie on ABC and A to Z on NBC. And a little surprise for today, no wait necessary for the Selfie review because I got to watch it early (love internet TV, love it so much I could eat it). And I also watched A to Z earlier this summer but I want to watch it again to get a refresher before I review it.  I can’t wait to watch it again! And that should tell you everything you might need to know about that one, hint, hint.

On to the review. Okay. Disclaimer. The only, I mean, ONLY, reason I even watched this episode was because of John Cho. Love him. I didn’t like the previews, I thought it was goofball type comedy. And I was thinking even before I watched it, now why is John Cho doing this? There has got to be something there, for him to agree to do this. It’s similar in plot to My Fair Lady. The main character, Eliza, prides herself on being a social media queen. A shameful video she is in goes viral and she is destroyed. So she enlists the help of Henry (John Cho) to improve her self-image in the real world and in the social media world.

For about the first five minutes, I wanted to turn it off. I hated the jokes. It was a lot of that goofy, corny, internet speak, which I can’t do much of on the internet, so why would I want to listen to a lot of it on TV? Anyways, I stuck with it. And I was a little surprised. It got better. I like the Henry and Eliza interaction, their chemistry makes the whole show, in my opinion. If they stick to concentrating on their chemistry throughout the show, I will stick with it. If that waivers, it will probably be downhill. I am interested to see what the second episode will look like.  Will it be added to my list? For a live watch? Probably not. But I will definitely be watching it on my online queue, probably the next day.

Also, an update from last week. Two shows have been added to my must see TV, live watch list. And the winners are……….so excited:


How To Get Away With Murder

Gotham is added to my list, it just won’t be a live watch. Mysteries of Laura is also added but it probably won’t be live watch either. So that’s four new shows, pretty good for Fall 2014.

See you at the end of the week!

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