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Cupcake of the Week:

I tried to come up with ideas for a Central Park cupcake to go along with the story for this week but I found nothing (I think I might need to start a bakery).  I settled for a Tiffany Blue cupcake that looked appetizing. Mini cupcake bites.




Cocktail of the Week:  Central Park Manhattan

1 1/2 ounces Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

1/4 ounce Drambuie

1/4 ounce Frangelico

1/2 ounce cream

Combine ingredients and shake with ice for 30 seconds.

Martini with alcoholic cocktail against black background, close-up


Story of the Week:  Girls – “The Panic in Central Park”



This is the last season of Girls but I gave up on it a long time ago. One of the major reasons was Charlie, played by Christopher Abbott, suddenly left the show. I didn’t like it; I think the character could have been written better. So the gossip about him not being happy with the character made sense.  And I started noticing other things with the writing that I didn’t care for. So I was done. I did come back occasionally. I watched Hannah’s (Lena Dunham) break up with Adam (Adam Driver) and I watched Marnie’s (Allison Williams) wedding to Desi (which I thought was ludicrous but I knew it was part of Marnie’s journey). I heard news that Charlie might come back for the final season but honestly, hopes weren’t high. And then it happened.

First off, I knew nothing about this episode going in. I just knew Charlie was in it. Silently, I was hoping and praying this wasn’t going to be one of those flash in the pants comebacks like I have seen so many times, with it being written all messy and juvenile.  But since I am dedicating a post to this episode, instead of my usual movie blurb, it was amazing. Basically, Marnie runs into Charlie on the street after a fight with Desi and they spend the whole night together, partying and talking. I think as a kind of closure. I was fully engaged, the whole episode. I was not expecting this type of quality. I knew Lena Dunham could write like this but I just wasn’t expecting it. Because Charlie. And past character issues.

The images were so, so beautiful. The scene in Central Park at night and the vision of Marnie after they fell in the water stay with me. Spoiler: At the end of the night/beginning of the morning, Marnie finds out Charlie is a drug user now, which explains how different he seemed to her. I didn’t like that idea but I don’t think I was surprised. Charlie was always really emotional, especially with Marnie. And I think the drugs maybe help him to navigate his world with a toughness that is hard for him. There was a scene on the subway that I watched again to be sure I was seeing what I saw. They were sitting on the bench together and she leans over to put her head on him, very relaxed like there is no place she would rather be. He moves her wet hair from her face and he starts to kiss her on her head with affection….but he stops. It shows that Charlie was starting to fall into that same emotional state with this girl, whom he can’t seem to leave. But he stops himself. Because he’s still has that internal fight. Gotta remain tough, not attached, less emotional.  That was some really good acting, I have always thought Christopher Abbott is one of those way, way underrated actors. But Allison Williams also did a stellar job with this episode too. Some high bars set for this episode. It was fitting that Marnie found out about the drugs after the sun rose. It was a great night but reality always hits when the sun comes up. One of Marnie’s realities happened to be her marriage to Desi was a mistake.

This episode reminded me of a film, so much. If I had seen any of these scenes as a trailer, I would be going to watch this movie the first day it was released. No lie. That’s how good it was. It was the best episode of the series, hands down. Great send off.

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