First Dates ….

Cupcake of the week:

Chocolate Cupcake. You’ll have to see the movie to know why I picked this one.





Cocktail of the week:

Stella Artois Beer. Because they went out for beers in the movie.







Movie of the week:

Southside With You


First Thoughts

I wasn’t going to see this one. I like the Obamas, yes I do. But I just thought I didn’t want to see a movie about them, not yet. Maybe I would see it after they get out of the White House. But I felt bad, for box office receipts purposes. If we want more of these movies, we have to support them with receipts, the first week. So obviously, plans change.


Chronicles the summer 1989 afternoon when the future President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, wooed his future First Lady on an epic first date across Chicago’s South Side.


5 cupcakes out of 5.

I gave it all the cupcakes because it deserved it. The story was stellar. I was questioning how this was going to work, telling a first date story and that’s it. But the writer pulled it off, very well. It was very short, which upset some people but it needed to be short. The date lasted an afternoon into an evening.

Now, I have no idea how much input the writer got from President and Mrs. Obama about the truth of this story, but I was intrigued. Without ruining too much, the conversation was pretty epic. If you can go on a first date with someone, and they can get you to think differently about your life and purpose, in a way that makes you like them more, and in the long run, will make you a better human? I think that might be your last first date J

Go see it. Please.




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