Holiday Edition!

I am so sorry, I have been MIA I know.  Lots of things cooking. Projects in motion. No complaints. Time is just becoming a high commodity right now.
Getting back to why I’m here. Special holiday edition! Couple of quick updates about the TV season, definitely have my lineup down now.
My previous post, showing all the shows that were definites, has not changed. But one note: Selfie was cancelled. Sad city. It was so lovely. They picked it up on Hulu but you have to pay for the subscription. I haven’t talked myself into that yet. So….good-bye Selfie 🙁 I hope John Cho gets another show, I really do. He is amazing.
Also, I did not have Sons of Anarchy on my list because I knew it was ending this season. So the last show was the other night. Oh.My. Goodness. It was awful! Awful meaning devastating to think it will not be back. Jax basically went down in a blaze of glory, which I fully expected but still had hope he would stay alive. Most of Samcro was still alive, Gemma dead, Unser dead, Juice dead, along with a whole list of other supporting characters. Nero, Wendy and the boys were the only main characters that survived. It was a decent ending. It wouldn’t be SOA if there wasn’t somebody dead so Jax dying was the right resolution. I cannot WAIT to see where Charlie Hunnam will land because….he is….great:)
Lastly, I have a new TV obsession. Jane The Virgin. It has been added to my absolutely must see show. I love it. It is so smart and cutesy and romantic, I just can’t resist. I have said this before, the concept is so unrealistic but it’s a soap opera, so it works.  But the way they write the show is like a book, each episode is a Chapter (book nerd!) and the narrator is this crazy telemundo type guy that is so charming….I am done gushing but truly, check it out. One of the good ones. And this week it got nominated for a Golden Globe, which is big. So I expect it to get some more attention which is great.
Okay, so you are probably wondering about my picture. Benedict and Fassy. Yes. The show Sherlock on BBC is also my new obsession but it is currently in hiatus so…Benedict has always been in my book so I knew he could do Sherlock justice, and he absolutely does not disappoint.
But this picture is up here because it’s the holidays…and everybody’s partying…and this picture….is just all the things.  It totally fits my holiday season thus far and hopefully continuing…..
Season’s Greetings!
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