Jazz and Bourbon …

Cupcake Sweet Treat of the week:




Changing up the sweet treat this week because cupcakes just don’t go with the movie I am reviewing this week. So we are going with Bread Pudding. Some of the best bread pudding I have ever had was in New Orleans. I miss NOLA L

Cocktail of the week:



Woodford Reserve-Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Wine doesn’t go with bread pudding. I just couldn’t do it. And some bread pudding recipes call for bourbon in the ingredients so I went with a Kentucky Bourbon this week.


Movie of the week:




Miles Ahead


First Thoughts

I think I saw that Don Cheadle was trying to do this movie on Miles Davis, maybe two years ago? Either way, that’s when I first knew I was going to see it. Because Don Cheadle (Please see a movie called Talk To Me. And Devil In A Blue Dress. If you were not a fan of him, I think you might change your mind). And I am a Miles Davis fan, so it was basically a no-brainer. I also saw that he was having a hard time convincing anybody to finance the movie, and he wrote the screenplay, directed, produced, and acted. Hard work. Got to support that.


The famous jazz trumpeter Miles Davis (Don Cheadle) tries to recover his new session tape from music producers.



3 ½ cupcakes slices of bread pudding out of 5 – Pretty good.

First. This is NOT a biopic. So if you go into it thinking this, you will be questioning what you actually saw. This is meant to be a glimpse into Miles Davis, his inner workings, his fight with his creativity, and his struggles in life and in his career. But it also was a successful attempt to mirror some struggles everyone goes through in life, especially artists. There is a lot of drug use, curse words, all that. But this was Miles Davis, who he was. I did question a few things in the narrative, got a little confused with where it was going but the images and acting were done with so much passion and care that I really didn’t care. And the music. It was wonderful. All I wanted to do was find my Miles Davis collection. Definitely a must see if you like Miles Davis.

I will be hurt if this film does not receive any recognition come award season because it deserves it.

Photo credits: www.liquor.com; www.simplyrecipes.com; www.deadline.com

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