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Taking a little break from the cupcakes and wine to enjoy one of my favorite times of year, new fall television. The returning of old favorites and the start of new ones (hopefully). If this season is anything like last year, I need to find some more hours in my day, there were some gems last fall season (Black-ish, Jane The Virgin).

This week starts most of the big ones. There are plenty to choose from but I’m just adding the ones I plan to check out-

Monday-September 21

Minority Report-This is new this season. I loved, loved, loved the movie so this is a no-brainer for me, hopefully it will be as good or close to the movie. I am a fan of Megan Good as well, she is female star.

Scorpion-Returning Show-I caught up with this show over the summer and I like it. I may not watch every week because I have another show in this same time slot that I like more. I will be watching on demand though.

Blindspot-This is also a new one. I am intrigued by the previews so I will definitely be checking out the first episode at last. It kind of looks like something similar to Alias which I was hooked on so I have my fingers crossed.

Wednesday-September 23

Rosewood-New show starring Morris Chestnut. That’s all that needs to be said.

Empire-Returning Show-The television darling is back. I like the show, but I am not a hard core fan. I support Taraji Henson though. And the writers are good and very diverse from what I’m told. And that is a great thing.

Black-ish-Returning Show-I am looking forward to this one coming back. I can always count on a laugh, and I have to support Tracee Ellis Ross.

*Note: Empire and Black-ish still come on at the same time. It irks me. You would think they would have tried to find a better spot for Black-ish so it wouldn’t have to compete but …. hey. It’s not right, but it’s okay.

Thursday-September 24

Scandal-Returning Show- Yep. It’s back. I have become….neutral on this show. So I most likely will only be watching bits and pieces. I will still support Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington though.

The Player-This is a new show and I have no idea what it’s about but I am willing to try it because Wesley Snipes is starring. It will be interesting how he does on television.

So let me know what your thoughts were…new list next week, have a great week!

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