Premieres and Must Sees for Week of October 6, 2014

The only new show on deck for this week is The Flash on CW. I am attracted to superhero shows so I will be watching, although I’m not as excited as I should be. The concept of The Flash has already been set up on this other little superhero show I am addicted to, Arrow. I pretty much know what it will be about and I know the actor playing him because he started on Arrow. So I’m hoping for good things. We’ll see.

Arrow starts back this week. Can. Not. Wait. To me, this is the little show that could. For it to be on the CW and keep me so intrigued every week, is just outstanding. I am all about Felicity and Oliver though. That is probably keeping me tuned in. And just to reiterate, my VIP list has been adjusted so I will reprint:
The Good Wife-Watch Live
Gotham-Watch Live If Possible
The Blacklist-Watch Live
The Mindy Project-Watch Live If Possible
Selfie-DVR *Watching Live Dependent on The Flash debut*
Mysteries of Laura-DVR
Arrow-Watch Live
Black-ish-Watch Live
Scandal-Watch Live-Dilemma, See Below
A to Z-Watch Live-Dilemma, See Above
How To Get Away With Murder-Watch Live

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