Randomness and Surprises …

This week was kind of a no rhyme or reason week. Completely random happenings. So I figured, let’s go with a hodge podge post. In the end, it’s all about the journey, right?

Cupcake of the week:
Random cakes. Red velvet is the theme and is a southern delicacy but there are no things southern in my story picks this week. So two choices. Both red velvet. One is a doughnut. One is a cupcake. Pick your poison.

FullSizeRender   IMG_0957

Cocktail of the week:
Since I’m doing hodge podge. My random cocktail pick is a Lynchburg Lemonade. And I guess, this may not be that random. It’s made with an ounce of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and some Triple Sec or sour mix. And Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is definitely quintessential southern drink. Quick secret for this cocktail. You can substitute Triple Sec or sour mix with your favorite lemonade and it tastes just as good.



Movie of the week:
Stuck Between Stations


First Thoughts
I honestly was not going to pick this movie as my pick of the week. I initially watched London Has Fallen and planned on it being my pick (decent, same crime thriller formula, no surprises) but I saw some indies this week and I found Stuck Between Stations. It surprised me, which is really the best feeling after watching a film.
A soldier, back in his hometown on funeral leave, reunites with his high school crush during a chaotic, drama filled evening.


3.5 cupcakes out of 5 – Good
This movie was released in 2011, at the Tribeca Film Festival. If I had attended, I would have watched it. But I’ll be honest. The logline (short description of the film) intrigued me but Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down, Penny Dreadful) got me to actually click play. Just being honest. But I was so surprised. I probably can’t recommend this movie to everyone. But if you like films that are a little off the beaten path, please try it. Especially if you like dialogue. The conversations were outstanding. And I am a sucker for good dialogue. The Minneapolis location was also a bright spot, showcasing some of the underground spots (shout out to Prince fanatics, Paisley Park was a location). The lead characters were played by Sam Rosen and Zoe Lister-Jones, who I knew nothing of before I watched but I will pay attention to them now, they carried the emotional parts quite well.

Photo credits: www.flickr.com; www.wikipedia.com

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