September Feels …

Cupcake Spotlight:


Plain Jane Cupcake.

One of my favorites from one of my favorite local bakeries, Muddy’s Bake Shop. You’ll know why I picked plain jane after you are familiar with this story.





Cocktail Spotlight:


White Zinfandel.

Because to me, white zinfandel is the basics of wine. The plainest of plains. Maybe not a bad thing, sometimes.  Just saying.




Movie/Book Spotlight:

Everything, Everything


First Thoughts

I kept going back to this book. I liked the idea of the story but I couldn’t break down and read it. Until I saw that it was being developed into a movie. And being the book to movie fiend that I am, I had to read it. In my opinion, if someone bothers to like the story enough to try to make a film out of it, there’s something unique about the story.



A teenager who’s spent her whole life confined to her home falls for the boy next door.



3 cupcakes out of 5.

There were some parts of the story that I didn’t quite connect with. That twist kind of bothered me. I won’t give the story away but I just didn’t think it was very realistic. But I still gave it 3 cupcakes so the other major parts of the story were good enough to like. And the movie was pretty true to the story. Loved the casting picks in it as well. Not a bad lazy movie night pick.





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