Been a little MIA so I missed updating TGIT. It was lackluster. I hardly paid attention to it, honestly. The only thing I remember paying attention to was the new episode of A to Z. I might like that show. Couple of significant notes.


Daddy Pope is a bad a*&. I love him, though. Jake scares me. But I love him, too. Those two together?! Too. Much. Their interactions are explosive, to say the least. Good TV.

How To Get Away With Murder

I have yet to watch this episode. And it is Monday. So….there’s that. It’s not that it’s not a good show because it is. It just….requires a lot of energy and I was just spent this week. I will try to catch up before Thursday’s episode.

A to Z

Yes. A to Z gets added to my TGIT list because it fits all my criteria. I eagerly wait for this day of the week to watch a new episode. I have developed a menu around it. I anticipate the preview for next week before the ending credits roll. It’s in like Flynn. Andrew had a date that he already had scheduled before he met Zelda, so he lets her know that he is going to keep it but tries to reassure her he’s still into her. Zelda makes up a date of her own to snoop on Andrew and his date. Disaster. In the end, they agree to be exclusive. The cuteness quotient of this show is just off the charts.

So, we are in a new week. And I have already watched the new shows I intended to watch for this week.

The Affair

It is a show based on the full scale dynamics of a marital affair. I don’t know. It was cool and all but I don’t think I will be watching this weekly. I will catch it on demand when I’m not busy. I won’t be crying about it though.

Jane The Virgin

This show is just so outrageous with the storyline. Jane, who is a virgin, gets accidentally inseminated with the sperm of a guy she used to have a crush on. Really?! But the show has something. The girl who plays Jane is cute, and funny. She has a fiance, who decides to stay with her when she decides to have the baby and give it up. (Questionable future there) The father has cancer so it was his last batch of sperm, so she basically had to have the baby. Mind you, the father is a guy she used to crush on. This means trouble ahead, for her fiance, and his wife. I am hesitant to add this one…but I will be watching next week.

I swear if I add anymore shows to my list, I am going to start screaming. The quality of the shows this fall has been outstanding! I am shocked.

Updated list:

The Good Wife-Watch Live
Gotham-Watch Live If Possible
Jane The Virgin-*Decide after second episode*                                                                                                                                                                           The Blacklist-Watch Live
The Mindy Project-Watch Live If Possible
Selfie-Watch Live
Arrow-Watch Live
Black-ish-Watch Live
Scandal-Watch Live-Dilemma, See Below
A to Z-Watch Live-Dilemma, See Above
How To Get Away With Murder-Watch Live

Changes are Jane The Virgin was added and Selfie has to be watched live. It is another goodie.




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