Summer Blockbuster is here ….

Cupcake of the week:



Since the movie pick this week had me all feeling internally conflicted, I decided to go with a cupcake with filling in it this week. In my opinion, I don’t think cupcakes should come with fillings. That’s for twinkies. But if you have to fill it, cookie dough always works.

Cocktail of the week:

Just a simple Cabernet Sauvignon this week, Cupcake.





Movie of the week:

Captain America: Civil War


First Thoughts

I really didn’t have any first thoughts. Saw that this was being made about a year ago. Was ho hum about it. I like Captain America movies but not too much. Iron Man movies are good but I don’t get way excited about them either. Same goes for Avengers. This one said they were all supposed to be fighting. Okay. I might see it, I might not.



Political interference in the Avengers’ activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man.


5 cupcakes out of 5 – Yes. No lies here. Trust me.

I saw the reviews months before I actually saw the movie. So I knew I probably wouldn’t be disappointed. But wow! The story is what got me. It flowed well, made sense. There was plenty of internal conflict, plenty of external conflict. Plenty of what ifs, suspense. Outstanding screenplay. Especially with all the characters they had to include. I think I was torn the whole movie, whose side I really wanted to be on. And that was the biggest part of the story. Both sides were right, and wrong. The special effects were amazing.  Special effects these days tend to get sloppy, I was very surprised. There were nice set ups for the other movies that are going to follow this one, Black Panther  and a new SpiderMan. The only bad thing I would say is they tried to stick a little romance in there, when it really wasn’t necessary. But it was so small that I got over it.

Simply put, just go see it. And tell me what you think.

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