TGIT…what now?

TGIT…what now?

My favorite day of TV. Thursday. Simply because I like the majority of the shows on TV on Thursday, and it is a perk to see people like me on TV, I won’t lie.

But on this particular Thursday, I veered from ABC for about thirty minutes. There is this little show on NBC called A to Z that I have fallen in love with. I watched the pilot episode over the summer. It is a romantic comedy that follows a courtship between two characters, Andrew and Zelda, for as long as the courtship lasts, which is only 8 months. I liked the concept so I tried it out. I love the cast, and the major part, I love the writing. If I found myself turning away from Scandal to watch it for a second time, that means it’s got to have something. I want to know why it only lasts for eight months, I want to know what happens to make it only last for eight months, I want to know if there is any chance the show would change to reflect it lasting more than eight months. I have to have the answers. So this one is definitely on my VIP list. I don’t know how I am going to get away from Scandal to watch it, but I will figure that out later. Hoping and praying it stays around…
Now for Scandal. I watched the first thirty minutes, fully intending to watch the whole thing if I had to. It didn’t intrigue me this week. But I will make a confession here. I don’t really like the Fitz/Olivia story anymore. I think she deserves better. The tension between them is exciting and has its allure but I just want her to be happy (or at least an attempt at it). And she will never be happy with a married man. Period. I love Jake. I love Olivia and Jake together. Although they both have issues, and live in the most convoluted world, they are good together. (I won’t get into my Scott Foley obsession, Felicity fans will know what I’m talking about). But my bigger confession is… theirs is the only storyline I’m interested in. All the other storylines are exciting, B-613, Mellie, Daddy Pope, but not enough to keep me tuned in every week. Just being honest.

How To Get Away With Murder. It is hard for me to keep up with this show. It moves fast, which is part of the attraction I think. Scandal started out the exact same way so I guess that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This episode contained another case the students and Mrs. Keating are working on but through the whole episode there are flashbacks to the end of the semester and the hiding of the dead body, again. The flashbacks are making it confusing. I am trying but I don’t know how long I will be able to pay attention. I will still have the TV on this show, but I may not necessarily be watching the whole show. I have to support Viola, and actually, I love her character, love her character’s storyline, I just don’t know whether the other storylines are worth me having a weekly headache. We’ll see, verdict still out. (Catch my pun, ha, ha)
Now. I said I would venture into the topic that seems to be getting the most attention this week for TGIT, the same sex love scenes. I am not going to venture into it. This week anyway. I have my opinion but I think I want to see how these next few episodes will go, on all three TGIT shows. So stay tuned.

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