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This will be just a quick post…

The Flash

I can’t say I was eagerly anticipating this premiere. I enjoy Arrow and I was looking forward to checking The Flash out at least once. But when I tuned in Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised.

I already know the jest of the story so none of that was surprising. I already knew who was going to play him so that wasn’t surprising either. What I was surprised about was it felt like I was watching a big budget movie! The story was good, good plot. The effects were magnificent! Now, I already know it was a pilot and they throw all the money at the pilot. So I guess I won’t expect that part to last through the whole season. And I am hoping the story will keep me coming back. If it’s anything like Arrow, I have no doubts.

I will wait until TGIT to decide if it will go on the VIP list…

Arrow was way too excellent, by the way. Tremendous Olicity action. Great start to a season.

TGIT awaits..




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