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So last week was a little testy for me, a writer’s life can be a roller coaster. But it always gets better. And here we are at a brand new week. Persevering. I also read a couple of articles this week that were attempting to make me feel bad about watching TV. It didn’t work.I devour good stories and television has some of the best ones, I’m not missing out on that. But since I am trying to write books, if I don’t get the pages done, I don’t get to watch TV. And it has worked marvelously.

Last week had a number of good premieres. The Good Wife, Madam Secretary, The Affair, The Flash, and Arrow. I watched all of these. I am currently on the fence about The Good Wife (look up the feud between Archie Panjabi and Julianna Margulies) but I still watched it. Because the show is that good. It really is. I can hate all the behind the camera drama but the stories are too good to quit the show altogether. Madam Secretary was just ok. The Flash and Arrow both started out big and I am looking forward to a good season for both. My favorite premiere this week was The Affair, I have to admit. The story is good but the subtle nuances in this show are so unique, in my opinion. The way they showed a snippet of Helen kissing Noah’s best friend in the beginning…then they give Helen’s POV…and she just happens to be sleeping with him. The way the costume changes with each character’s POV, all excellent TV.

On to this coming up week. Obviously, you can tell which one I am looking forward to (see above image). Only two days this week.


Crazy Ex Girlfriend – From the previews, I keep seeing reminders of my favorite show of all time, Felicity …I don’t really like that. I’m going to check it out once, cautiously.


Jane The Virgin – This is my show. I will forever be here for it. Can. Not. Wait.


Truth Be Told – Have only seen a few previews but it looks cute. It is from Will Packer Productions and I like what they are doing so I will check it out, once at least.

Fall TV Winners-Update

Quantico. That’s the only one. The only one I’m trying to watch live every week. Blindspot is okay but I’m not freaking out if I miss it. Minority Report was good but the ratings were horrible. FOX network believes in canceling quickly so I stopped watching it as soon as I saw the ratings, I didn’t want to be upset when they cut it.

Side note: Cupcake and wine entry coming up this week. Beasts of No Nation is released Friday and I have been eagerly anticipating it. Anxious and a little scared. Can’t wait.

Have a great week!

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