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Welcome back! So we’re continuing with our Fall 2015 picks, this week we have:


Blood & Oil – I said I was going to try this one. Basically, it’s the updated version of the famous Texas oil family drama, Dallas. Not really something I was wanting as far as TV shows go but hey, I’ll try it once.

Quantico – From the previews, it looks like an FBI soap opera. FBI or CIA Academy people and the emotional dramas that they go through. I might be wrong, I would almost like to be. But as I said above, I’ll try it once.


Daily Show with Trevor Noah – I don’t really count this as a new TV show because the host is changing from Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah. But I’m checking it out anyway. Trevor Noah is a cutie. And he’s funny.


Grandfathered – John Stamos plays a guy who didn’t know he was a father to a grown son…and he also finds out he is a grandfather. Not really sold on the story, but there’s John Stamos. So that’s enough.

The Grinder – I just threw this one in for good measure. I have seen no promos on the story for this, all it seems to be promoting is the stars of the show, which is scary. It comes on right after Grandfathered, stars Rob Lowe and Fred Savage. If I’m still stuck in the same spot, I’ll watch it. If not, I won’t.


The Blacklist – One of my absolute favorites (see Fall 2014 category)! I will be all up in front of the television for this premiere.

Update on last week’s premieres

Okay. I really don’t have any more time to be adding new shows to my DVR. I just don’t. But last week was a good week. These shows are some good possibilities. I like to give a show at least 3 episodes before I make a final decision but I am hopeful. They are Minority Report, Blindspot, and The Player (total surprise, I thought I would hate this one).

Let me know your thoughts! Have a good week!

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